Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher: Andrew Bocchi
Acting Head of School: Paul Acheson
Deputy Head: Maretha Cilliers, Stefanie Davis

Middle Leadership Team

SENDco: Emma Olivia
Phase Leader: Zoi Maloudi, Clementine Edwards, Rachael Cowley

Teaching staff

Classroom Teachers

Florentina Constantin 
Zoi Maloudi 
Minerva Alanen 
Rachael Cowley
Germaine Perez 
Abigail Statham 
Yasemin Oz 
Claire Paxton 
Mariam Serrokh
Ernestina Agyemang-Kagyah 
Helene Levett
Clementine Edwards
Charlotte Smith

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Practitioners

Corinda Anscombe
Ann Langton

Teaching Assistants

Learning Support Assistants
Zaibun Ahmed
Nilima Rahman
Karen Lyddiatt
Sara Costello
Shahida Rehman
Autumn Woolcott
Samia Al-Hirsi
Catia Fernandes

Learning Mentor
Lorna Begum

Parent Liaison Officer: Leone Maynard-Nangle

Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mary Winters

Midday assistants
Yvonne Carnegie 
Sameena Elahi 
Tina Scott
Faith Owe
Waheda Bhajun
Summera Sabir

Extended Services
Waheda Bhajun
Summera Sabir
Sara Costello

Administrative staff

Office Manager: Ellie Baker
Administrator: Natasha Duval
Site Services Officer: Tony Curtis

Senior leaders and governors have ensured that additional funding for disadvantaged pupils has been spent effectively. As a result, they make good progress from their various starting points

Ofsted report, October 2016