Year one information

Year 1 Easter hats!

Year 1
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The School Day

School day begins at 8:50 and teachers will close classroom doors at 8:55 Any children arriving after this time will have to enter the school via the main office and be signed in late

Contacting your class teacher:

Your class teacher will be available to answer any queries or questions as the children are dropped off in the morning or picked up in the evening, and should be the first point of contact with parents.

Physical Education

Daisy have their PE on Monday while Poppy have theirs on Wednesday Please make sure children have the right PE kit otherwise they will not be able to participate

P.E. Kit:

P.E. bag clearly labelled

Plimsolls or trainers

T-shirt or vest

Shorts or leggings


Behaviour and learning is based around the five core values, which we expect the children to live up to.

  • Respect

  • Aspiration

  • Honesty

  • Kindness

  • Responsibility


In the middle phase (years 1-3) we award class dojo points to reward and promote good behaviour.

At the end of each week the children who have collected the most Dojo Points earn a prize.

Additionally on Friday afternoons we have curriculum enrichment time, where children have a choice of enjoyable activities.


If a child’s behaviour in class or around school falls below the high standards we expect, we use a four-step system to address concerns

If a pupil fails to follow one of the classroom rules, he or she moves on to Step 1, which is a warning.

If the disruptive behaviour continues, the pupil moves on to Step 2, resulting in a period of time out in the class.

Then, they move on to Step 3, which involves time out in a different class.

If a pupil moves on to Step 4, the behaviour incident will be recorded electronically. In addition, parents will be notified and the pupil will receive a consequence for the behaviour, for example loss of playtime.


Our Autumn term topic is called ‘My World and Beyond’. As part of this topic, children will be focusing on themselves and their family history. They will also be looking at the immediate environment around them, their own homes and school. Their geographical knowledge will be extended further so they are able to name and locate the four countries of the UK and its capital cities.

Our Spring Term topic is called ‘Life on the Ocean Waves’ which will provide children with opportunities to learn all about the sea and its inhabitants. We also want them to be able to name and locate some of the main oceans. From a history perspective, children will learn about the lives of some famous sailors and notorious pirates.

In the Summer term, the topic is all about toys (Toys R Us). Children will learn about how toys have changed over time, have the opportunity to make and design their own toys as well as looking toys from different countries and cultures.

Literacy, Art, DT, Music, History and Geography will all be taught through these topics

Educational visits

In the Autumn term, we will be going on a number of walks around the local area so children get a better understanding of the immediate environment around them and what it means to them. We will need lots of parent helpers for these trips! Further details will be given to parents nearer the time.

Trips to museums are planned for the Spring and Summer terms.


Children are given one piece of homework each week to complete. This alternates between Literacy and Maths each week and is completed in children’s homework books.  

There is also an expectation that children do 15-20 minutes reading each evening and record comments in a home reading diary. Each child also has access to a range of ebooks on Bug Club which they can also read.

Children have weekly spelling test on Friday. This is based on the letter sounds they are learning in class.