School Council

Children at Thomas Gamuel have a big say in how the school is run, through an active Student Council. Each class elects two members to the Council at the beginning of the year during Democracy Week in "Local Elections".

The whole school then also elects School Ambassadors and Vice Captains in the "General Election" held in the same week.

The Student Council representatives focus on developing Growth Mindset, school improvement and behaviour and safety. 

They are  are divided into sub- committees in EYFS, Lower Phase and Upper Phase where they give advice and help to make decisions in key areas of the school.

Our key areas are:

  • Healthy Living and Lunchtime
  • Curriculum
  • Fundraising and Events
  • Rights Respecting through Growth Mindset

The school council meet every fortnight in phases and with the Head of School Minutes are taken at each meeting and these can be downloaded below.

Other minutes will be forthcoming this year

Minutes are taken at each meeting: Click below to download

Election Video From Democracy Week
4th October 2016 Lower Phase Minutes
      4th October 2016 Upper Phase Minutes
                Other Minutes  

Message from the School Ambassadors of the School
Jasmine and Callum in Y6

‘We enjoy having a say in what happens in our school. We meet to talk about changes we want to make and talk about what we are doing well at Thomas Gamuel.’