School Policies
Thomas Gamuel's school policies aim to provide staff, pupils, parents and guardians with clear information about the organisation and ethos of our school and the standards of behavior expected by all members of its community. These policies enable us to work together to do the best by those in
our care. Below are a selection of the school's policies that are particularly relevant to parents.

TG Handwriting Policy - click to view

Accessibility Plan - click to view

Admission policy - click to view

Anti-Bullying Policy - click to view

Attendance Policy - click to view

Behaviour and Discipline Policy - click to view

Calculation policy - click to view

Child protection policy -
click to view

Charging policy - 
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Complaints policy - click to view

Confidentiality Policy - click to view

Curriculum policy - click to view

Data protection policy - click to view

Educational Visits Policy - click to view

E-safety policy - click to view

Equal Opportunities Policy - click to view

Exclusion Policy - click to view 

Extremism Policy - click to view

EYFS Policy - click to view 

Gender Equality Policy - click to view

Health & Safety Policy - click to view

Homework policy - click to view

Home-School Agreement click to view

Inclusion Policy - Click to view

Intimate Care Policy - click to view

Medication in School Policy click to view

Non-Collection of Children Policy click to view

Race Equality Policy click to view

Recruitment and Selection Policy - click to view

Safeguarding Policy for website - click to view

Safeguarding Whistle Blowing Policy - click to view

SEN policy - click to view

Sick Child Policy - click to view

SRE policy - click to view

Teaching and Learning Policy - click to view

TG Positive Handling Policy click to view

Volunteers and Visitors Policy - click to view