Lunch Time

Thomas Gamuel Primary works with Waltham Forest Catering Services to ensure that schools dinners provide
a child with a healthy balanced meal.

School dinners provide students with a variety of tasty choices everyday of the week from a range of different cultures. A school dinner consists of main, fresh vegetables or salad, freshly baked bread and a dessert. A meal choice pattern is assigned to each child, and meals are ordered according to this pattern.

Changing Child's Lunch Choice
If you would like to change your child's dinner choice then you need to notify the school office. Please understand that you can change your child's dinner choice on a half termly basis. If you fail to notify the school office you may be charged for the school dinners already set up on your account. A Meal Choice Change form is available in the main Reception Area.

Cost and Payment of School Dinners
The school will soon be using a new automated payment system. However, until further notice, parents should continue to hand in and pay dinner money directly to the school office.

Does my child qualify for free School Dinner?
Free school meals are school lunches which are provided each school day to eligible pupils for no charge.
These meals are now administrated by the Benefits Service, making it simpler to apply for. For more information visit the Free School Meals page.

What is on the School Dinner Menu?
The school dinner menu rotates on a 3 week basis. Click to find out what's on the Spring Term menu.

For more information about school dinners please check out the Waltham Forest Dinners webpage.