'Assessment and the New Curriculum' Workshop for parents - Monday January 12th
On January 12th we will be running an information workshop sessions on the new curriculum to explain how we now assess pupil's attainment and progress. The workshop is particularly aimed at parents with children in Y1, Y3 , Y4 and Y5 where the new curriculum is already in operation (Y2 and Y6 are still working with the old curriculum and levels although parents of children in these year groups are still welcome to attend). The workshops will take place in the main hall at 9.00 am and 5.30pm. We will also be issuing parents with usernames and passwords on this day so they can access data information about their child on School Pupil Tracker Online, the school's assessment programme.
                                                                                          Maths Open Mornings
This term, parents will have the opportunity to visit school as part of a Maths open morning, when they will be able to observe a Maths lesson and support your child in class. For Reception and KS1 parents, the maths open morning will take place at 9am on Tuesday January 20th, while for KS2 parents it will take place the following day on Wednesday January 21st at the same time and last for approximately one hour.

                                                                                             Y6 SATs Workshop
On Thursday January 29th, there will be an information session for parents of children in Y6 about the forthcoming SATs which are due to take place in May. As well as providing general information about the SATs, Mrs Khan will also be showing you sample papers which you will be able to take home and use as practice tests with your child.

                                                                                                'Day for Change' 
On Friday February 6th the school will be holding a special fundraising day to raise money for UNICEF.  Lots of other schools around the country will be holding a similar fundraising day as this is a nationwide campaign. As a Rights Respecting School this is a very important event for us and is being organised by the School Council. Adopting the theme of 'Change', the School Council thought it would be a good idea to have a non-uniform day (£1 donation) but with a difference, giving children the opportunity to dress up as teachers, while staff come in school uniform. They also wanted to provide children with the opportunity to do some extra physical exercise, so for an extra 50p children can either choose to take part in a football session organised by Leone or an Aerobics/Dance class taken by Mrs Sinclair. To round things off, at the end of the day, there will be a staff/pupils football match which all children will be able to watch (no additional donation required!). We hope it will be a really fun day which raises lots of money for a worthwhile cause.

My 'Special Job Day' - Feb 10th
On Tuesday February 10th, we are inviting parents into school to talk about their jobs and hopefully inspire the next generation of workers!. If you have an interesting role or job and would like to share this with your child's class or year group, then it would be great if you could give up some of your time on that day for a question and answer session. It would only be for a short while (approximately 20-30 mins) and you would only be expected to answer questions in a classroom setting. If you were able to bring in any supporting resources or pictures that would be even better. 

Head Teacher's Coffee Morning - Feb 11th
Mr Mitchell will be having another coffee morning on Wednesday February 11th for parents to meet with him and raise any issues about the school. We have also invited some of our Governors along who will be talking about their role to give parents an idea about what it involves (and hopefully persuade them to join the PAB). The coffee morning will start at approximately 9 am in the main hall.