We have two Reception classes with thirty places in each class. All the children join their new class in September and the majority will have attended the school’s Nursery.

The school day is from 8.55am until 3.15pm.

What happens during the day?
The EYFS curriculum is delivered through play based activities which are set up both indoors and outdoors. Children are able to choose the activities the activities they engage in during ‘free flow’ time.

The children have phonics sessions just before lunch where they have the opportunity to learn  their letter sounds to help them on their journey to become successful readers and writers. At Thomas Gamuel we follow the Letters and Sounds programme which starts in Nursery at Phase 1.

Lunchtime is from 11:50am – 1:00pm. Children who have school dinners are collected from their class and taken to the dinner hall to have their lunch. Children who have packed lunches have their lunch in their classroom.

The children have P.E once a week and part of their learning during P.E is dressing and undressing themselves. It is very important, therefore, that children’s clothing is clearly labelled so it is easy to locate in case it gets lost.

The children also have a computing lesson once a week where they have the opportunity to learn how to use a computer or ipads.

The children in Reception don’t receive homework in the way of worksheets although we do expect them to be engaged in daily reading at home with a parent/carer. At school, the children are read with individually once a week and their books are changed on the day they read. They have the opportunity to access the class library whenever they like and share stories as a whole class during story times.